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It's a new forum, and although many of us know each other from P&P, I'm betting a lot of us may not know exactly what the others do. And hopefully we'll be getting some new residents. So say hello, tell us what you do, and give us a glimpse of your lives.

I'm Russell Lissau, a writer based in the Chicago suburbs. I've been getting paid to write since I was 18 and have been working in comics since 2005. I broe into comics with the lead story in BATMAN ALLIES SECRET FILES AND ORIGINS 2005 and spent much of the 2007 and 2008 as a regular writer on THE BATMAN STRIKES. Since then I've been doing a lot of independent work and really loving it, with stories in OMEGA COMICS PRESENTS, READING WITH PICTURES and other fine projects. I've self-published one story and am planning to do another this summer; also this summer will see the release of my work on Ape Entertainment's STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE mini-series. I've never been happier writing than when I'm writing comics, and I regret that it took me so long to consider entering the field.


  • I'm Jason Franks, an Australian writer formerly based in Florida and now (temporarily?) based in Japan.

    I'm probably best known for graphic novel THE SIXSMITHS, which came out last year from SLG, and as the editor of the KAGEMONO horror anthology series (published under my own imprint BLACKGLASS PRESS).

    I've been doing comics for about 8 years now, and most of my output in the medium has been short stories. I've worked with 2 or 3 dozen different artists by now. 

    I've been a published writer of prose for about 10 years now. I have a pulp novella called "Pack Rules" coming out soonish, as well as a novel called BLOODY WATERS. 

    I write fiction in a lot of different genres: comedy, horror, crime, science fiction, and fantasy as well as 'social realist' stuff (I refuse to call them 'slice of life'). I've do the occasional bit of autobio and/or travel writing. 

    -- JF
  • I'm Beth Wagner and even though Captcha says otherwise, I can assure you that I am human.

    I am poor at writing bios.

    I started off drawing illustrations as companion pieces for my Father's articles that he'd get published in various newspapers and magazines.

    Now I scribble things and sell them. Okay, I am a mini-comics creator.

    I am currently publishing Isaac & Lee and The Guardian (not the newspaper) as well as the occasional experimental micro mini.

    I am also doing some spot illustrations for a website that will be going live sometime in the late summer/early fall.

    I occasionally do some SFX makeup & costuming as well.

    My average day is: get up, go to day job, come home, work on project (be it comic, illustration or other)
  • I'm Max Vaehling, although Germans may know me as Jähling. (It's confusing, I know.)

    I'm a webcomics creator and self-publisher, most notable for Conny van Ehlsing, Monster Hunter, which P&Pers may know from the work log I've kept for the last two or three years. I've published two German Conny albums and am still working on the first English one.

    I've been in an out of comics since the eighties, when I co-founded the now-influential German fanzine PANEL. Took a break from comics for most of the nineties and am still recovering from those lost years. I've published in most of the important German fanzines and anthologies, recently moving on to guest spots in bigger publications. Well, bigger by German standards. It's a small scene.

    In other works, I try to apply all the stuff I've learned along the way as a web designer, illustrator, script supervisor, blogger, comics journalist, sociologist and whatever comes my way. Plus a night shift job to maintain that bohemian lifestyle. Thinking about cutting down on that last one, though.
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    I'm Mike Wagner, operating under the pen name Case Wagner due to there being way too many Mike Wagners out there. :)

    I wrote stuff for some video games way back when, and now I'm putting together some comic scripts. I took a long hiatus from reading comics after one of my visits to pick up my regular order came to $227. That was when I knew I had a problem. But there could be worse addictions.

    I'm making an effort to learn as much about the artist process as the writing process, even if I can only scribble out stick men. Knowing what the artists will need/do makes sense to me.

    When PnP blew up I set up a forum as well over at, which is what I had renamed the associated Twitter account to. Even though I just changed my Twitter handle Vanilla is still linked to the old name. Can one of the mods edit my name? I don't want to be AtommoCom on here, and it probably violates the rules anyway :) (ooh, that was quick, thanks!)
  • I'm Derek McCulloch.  I started writing comics in the 80s when I co-founded Strawberry Jam Comics with a group of people I'd met through the Cerebus letter columns.  Strawberry Jam gave up the ghost in '91 and I left the comics scene pretty much entirely for the rest of the millennium.  I started poking my way back in in the mid-aughts, and in 2006, Image published my book (with Shepherd Hendrix), Stagger Lee.  Stagger Lee went on to be nominated for an Eagle and an Eisner, and won four Glyph Comics Awards.

    I've since written a bunch of stuff for various anthologies (I'm one of a tiny select group of creators to have stories in all four issues of Popgun), did a children's book called T. Runt! with Jimmie Robinson, and last year released my second GN, Pug, with Greg Espinoza.

    In 2012, Vertigo will release an OGN I wrote, Gone to Amerikay. drawn, by Colleen Doran; Image will release the currently mystery-shrouded anthology I'm calling Project R, which will contain art by former P&Pers and present of future SWers Anthony Peruzzo and Jimmie! Robinson; a musical I co-wrote will debut off-Broadway; and another other-media project I can't yet be too specific about will emerge.
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    I'm Jason A. Quest. I have yet to make a penny from comics (OK maybe a few ad-clicky pennies), and I've definitely spent money making them. Yet I persist. After all, one needs some reason to get out of bed in the morning after sex.

    I've finished a variety of short pieces, mostly by myself but sometimes with other artists. Nothing in print (yet). Recent work includes It Gets Better, Fetus Christ, and Captain Miracle. I'm working on JAQrabbit Tales, a series of shorts inspired by true events, which will eventually add up to a bio-porno-graphic novel. I have a notebook full of other ideas, gestating in the background. I'm the operator of Neverpedia, a wiki about J. M. Barrie and Peter Pan, an interest I'll be tying in with comics at some point.

    I'm pretty much all-digital these days, writing in OpenOffice, drawing in Manga Studio, coloring in Photoshop, and lettering in Illustrator. I use an iMac and Intuos3 tablet at home, and an old HP tablet/slate on breaks from my day job or while sitting on the couch at the Baxter Street Home for Wayward Boys. That's in urban Grand Rapids MI, where I live with two housemates (one of whom dabbles as an artist, the other one actually pays rent).
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    Hello, I'm Scott Heinowski, paradoxically the first new (in that I really didn't frequent P&P) forum goer and possibly the first non @SteveWallace user of this forum (I helped Steve debug for like 30 seconds before people had signed up, he used me for my Facebook account). I'm sticking around cause cool people seem to be here, Steve, @TrevorAMueller, and @RussellLissau being three that I consider good friends.

    As for what I do, for a while I did a collaboration site called exile comics (it still exists, but is not active) our thing there, besides our forums, was our series of exquisite corpse comics, "The Exile". I also did a web comic called "Adventures of Scott" for a while, which despite the fact that the archives are not really online, and havent been for a while, I still will post a strip on my blog of the same title from time to time. Currently Im working with my friend carl on an animation series called Adventures in Pixels (named after our 2 semi-defunct brands). The first one is up at I do the background art, the voice of Jack, Audio, and some of the writing on it. (and the website, but that is not much yet) we are hoping to start a companion webcomic with it, to expose more of the world, and come out between cartoons.

    thats it for now, Hi all!
  • I'm Brandon Seifert.  I'm a writer based in Portland, Oregon, although I'm originally from Alaska.  (Comments relating to Palin and "Portlandia" both get cold stares and exasperated sighs from me, thanks.)

    I write Witch Doctor with artist Lukas Ketner.  We self-published it from 2008 to 2010, and in 2010 we signed with Robert Kirkman's new Image Comics imprint Skybound Entertainment.  Witch Doctor #1 comes out at the end of June; we're starting with a four issue miniseries and hopefully we'll be able to keep going from there.
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    My name is R. M. Rhodes and I'm probably best known as the man in the purple suit. I make experimental comics - a 5-volume graphic novel series here, a a pile of scrapbook pages there.

    I live in the Washington, DC area and I'm part of the DC Comics Conspiracy, the local comic book group hereabouts. SPX is pretty much our home town show (it's down the street from the high school I went to, for example) and is probably the best show to find me at.

    I also like to come up with radical ideas about "the market" from time to time. Mostly, they're just ideas.

    Also, because the reCaptcha was completely unwilling to let me in, I had to connect using my Twitter account, which uses my brand name, not my real name. When you fix the reCaptcha, I'll fix the whole "use your real name" thing.
  • Hey, I'm anthony. I'm an artist in Minneapolis. You'll see most of my stuff coming out of Image. The one with Derek is mentioned. I also have done a bunch of stories with Dirk Manning (Nightmare World and some ) Check out the "artists share your portfolio" thread for some examples of work.
  • I'm Greg Carter, a writer living in the ATL. Under the UpDown Studio banner I publish myself and a few friends. I have two comics currently serializing online, LOVE IS IN THE BLOOD and PERFECT AGENT. I don't talk as much as I used to.
  • @R.M.Rhodes fixed for you. I have code to make it so everyone can just edit their own username but I haven't turned it on yet. 
  • Hello, I'm Dino. I'm a writer from Ontario, Canada. I've done some self-publishing and had a bunch of stories appear in anthologies. My website is:
  • Well, I'm Tim Twelves (hence the numeromnemonic screen name...), habitue of various forums- Whitechapel, P&P... 

    I'm from London, originally, now resident in San Francisco. My work has appeared in numerous anthologies over the last 15 years, most recently in @JasonFranks' Kagemono.

    Most of my time at P&P was rabble rousing for the WORK! Anthology, which now sits languishing in a virtual drawer whilst @EricPalicki and myself try and decide what to do with our quisling child... iPad app, publisher, Kickstarter, webcomic...

    It looks like I've broken my Anthology streak this year, with the upcoming release of the 4-issue Steampunk miniseries, The New Adventures Of Sir Harry Chiselton. ... Just as soon as I finish dicking around with #1's design. More on that in another thread.

    If I never post in the Doing The Work thread, it's usually because I'm Doing The Work.
  • Hi, I'm Justin Jordan.

    I'm from Pennsylvania, and as of late last year I've been a full time writer of various and sundry. I still type like I have baby sauages taped to my fingers.

    I was a three time Zuda person with Junk, Rumors of War and The Assignment, the last two of which were with P and P'ers John Bivens and Anthony Peruzzo, respectively.

    I've been in a bunch of anthologies, including a couple of Kagemonos. I have a super seekrit project which I'm not quite ready to mention in public. But it's cool.

    I like pancakes.
  • Dwight Williams, migrating in from WEF to the Engine to Panel and Pixel to here.

    Born in Saskatchewan, raised all over the Canadian Prairie provinces and finally settled down in Ottawa with a hope of someday migrating from office work to writing and drawing comics on something vaguely resembling a full-time basis before I die.

    Working with Ian Gould on Local Hero, worked with Jason Franks on a Kagemono story, and there's a couple of other irons in assorted fires hither and yon.

    Here's hoping...
  • Jens Altmann, German wannabe. I wrote/drew the webcomic Made of Fail in 2009 and 2010. (Not this year, because I'm thinking of going digital, and have to learn how to use the darn stuff first.) I translate (mostly) anime for a living, and I also work as an entertainment journalist for a German movie magazine, Nautilus. I've written some novels, most of which I self-present for the Kindle because I couldn't find anyone who would publish them. But since I am a firm believer that stories must be shared...
  • I'm Joe Keatinge. Brandon Seifert asked me to come here, so here I am.

    Last year I made the move from being Image Comics' PR & Marketing/Sales Coordinator to being a full-time creator. Past credits including editing the Eisner and Harvey award-winning anthology PopGun and the graphic novel, One Model Nation. While I still edit PopGun and series like Frank Cho's 50 Girls 50, my primary focus is on writing. My announced projects include the creator-owned series, BRUTAL, co-created and illustrated by Cho and writing about comics for France's long running magazine on the American industry, Comic Box. My unannounced projects include a work-for-hire ongoing series and a bunch of creator owned stuff I should shut up about.

    Some of this is done at my home in Portland, OR. Most of this is done at Tranquility Base, also in Portland, OR.

  • Ha! @Joekeatinge, glad you could join us!  @JensAltmann too!  I should invite more people on Facebook.
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    Hey everybody.  I'm Jon, a writer based out of Seattle.  

    I wrote and self-published Virtuoso with Krista Brennan on art.   I'm working on three other projects in the birthing phase right now.  I have an artist for one, a stack of research books for another, and a rough draft of the third.

    I'm currently a professional starving artist, living with my music photographer fiancée, a chinchilla, and two cats.
  • Jon, I hadn't heard you and Mandy were engaged! Congratulations!  Nice to see you here.

    (BTW, to do HTML you have to hit the HTML button in the comment writing window; it's the one that looks like a page with < > in it.)
  • I've been writing comics, and books about comics, since 2004. In 2006-07 I had a five issue miniseries with Image. It didn't turn out the greatest, and ever since then I've been chasing Amy.

    My recent work is what I'm most proud of: a 10-page Bizarro short story in the Superman 80-Page Giant; a 1-page Captain Marvel story in the DC Universe Holiday Special; a 4-page manga in Reading With Pictures; a 6-page horror story in Kagemono, and a five-month-old webcomic at

  • I am Mr. Jimmie Lee Robinson, Jr.

    I write, illustrate, letter, and do some color for comics (mostly single issues which becomes trades). My publisher is Shadowline and Image Comics. I have also worked with Marvel Entertainment.  My work covers comics, comic anthologies, children's books, animated feature film design, animated TV design / development, toy design, fashion advertisement and many assorted things sprinkled throughout the years (many I'm sure I have forgotten).

    My current work (as of this post) is the series of mini-series, Bomb Queen by Shadowline Comics.
    I live in Alameda, California (part of the San Francisco bay area).  I have a 21 year-old cat.  I have a girlfriend I'm pretty serious about.  I like Hello Kitty, Country music and Barry Manilow.

  • ... hearing so many people say 'Kagemono' in this thread makes my shrivelled black heart glow with pride...

  • And that's why there should be a volume for 2012, sir.
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    My name is Star St.Germain.

    I am a tornado disguised as a girl.

    I write and draw and self publish.

    I also have worked for Image and Marvel on various projects.

    My parents met in a trainwreck.

    I wear roller skates every day.

    I play the cello & scream into microphones.

    I'm the nicest hedonist you've ever met.

    I have a firm handshake.
  • And now Star's here too!  I should call people out by name on Facebook more often.
  • I've been too tired to think about this. I may be dying in comics but then I'm old anyway. I've done ashcans, webcomics, WFH, graphic novels, anthologies, color and black and white,; I've written some, and kibitz my writers without mercy.

    It the moment I've a story at iTunes, two at, and three OGNs (with a fourth coming) from ARCHAIA...
    plus stories in Lifelike, Acts of Violence, Outlaw Territories, Kagemono, and Omega Comics Presents.

    I've got projects lined up for LBX, OCP, the web and a pitch that shall remain unamed, since its only a pitch.

    There's a project or three of my own I should get to.  Writers. Can't live with 'em, can't live... etc.
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    Max Douglas, aka Salgood Sam.

    Comics creator, promoter, stuff doer. 

    Doed a lot of stuff since i started workin' in the early 90s, Doed it on photocopiers first, then a bit of B&W Indie Doin'. Then I Doed Marvel, or they Doed me. I did not like this doin' so much, so i no do this now. 

    Back to the indie and ultra-indie for me. Working pretty good for me so far but not a lot of money in it. For the moment thankfully i live in a mildly socialist country where a man can get a grant to make comics if he's good enough at it and willing to apply four or five times first. So with aid now i'm making a big, big book. And as i go, i post a lot of me doin' on da interweeb, & And i promote others peoples doin's and sometimes my own on

    Hiya all me fellow doers! 

    [i do not always talk or write in a stupid voice, just a now and then mood thing]

  • @marvinmann - "I may be dying in comics but then I'm old anyway."
    Marv, remind me to slap you upside the head the next time I see you at a convention.
    To this day you still remain my hero.  Your work rules, my friend.  
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