Dragon Con 2014

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Dragon Con 2014 was amazing. The Artist Alley was full all four days. People were spending money like crazy. Everyone I talked to had their best year ever. 

However, our table was in an odd location and I didn't do as well as last year. We were at the end of a row, there was a huge aisle in front of us instead of the cozy space between rows. So most people were out of range. We sold a lot of the wife's amigurumi, Claire sold a bunch of buttons and stickers. And I sold a handful of comics. 

Lets look at my sales numbers:
Love is in the Blood: Acquiesce GN 3
Love is in the Blood Begin again combo #1 & #2 1
Perfect Agent #1 1
Perfect Agent Greatest Hits Vol 1 1

That is about 1/5 of what I sold last year and half of what I sold two years ago.
But... I also had the same books as last year. Well, the Perfect Agent GN was new, but that title never sells more than one or two per con. 

The last two years I was in a row and people slowly strolled by and I was able to engage. This year that was not possible. I was also the only table in that position. But it wasn't just location. Our setup wasn't as professional. I need a stand-up banner behind me. 

Here's the first setup of the table:

And here is how I adjusted it after Cathy's amigurumi sold. 

I really need a stand-up banner behind me for visibility.


  • I don't think the standup banner would make a difference, Greg -- that horizontal banner is eye catching.

    May I make a suggestion? A casual AA shopper might take a look at your table and see a hodge podge of things, rather than a focus. At a quick glance, in the second photo, I can't tell what you've got there. On the other hand, the arrangement of stuffed toys in the first photo are very eyecatching and I'm not surprised they sold.

    I'd suggest putting out more books on table #2 and fewer tchotchkies.

  • I'm sure you're right about the table layout. I'll have to try to make it more comics-oriented. 
    I had the thought yesterday, that I should have padded my space with singles so there was a bigger comics presence. I looked around the alley and everyone else was focused on either comics or "stuff". 

    It's hard with three of us sharing a table, so I'll have to be selfish and load up more. 
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