APE 2013

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I don't expect this thread to take off. I was probably the only person hereabouts who attended. APE remains a nice fun con, not too big, about 400 exhibitors, and a nice mix of comics, illustration, crafts, and animation school grads trying to sell their "concept art" and "character designs". Highlights for me were seeing Alex Sheikman (Robotika, Dark Crystal) and meeting Spike Trotman and pickin up a copy of the last Smut Peddler. She says they have about 160 submissions, so good luck!

Best of all was that my wife came! This was her first con and she enjoyed herself I think. She loves books and this was kind of a giant bookstore, but she despises elves and fairies, and only reads science fiction occasionally, but has a sneaky affection for steampunk. I may actually persuade her to assist if I get a both next year.


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