Lissau's workbench (summer 2014)

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It's been months since I've begun work on anything new, but I should be knee-deep in comics projects for the next month and into 2013. So, time for a worklog. We'll see if I can maintain interest.

I have a few completed comics in the can waiting for publication right now. The first is "The Search for Blackberry's Treasure," to be featured in STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE #3 and Ape's FCBD flipcomic, along with one of my other SS comics. The name of the artist escapes me right now (we never met or communicated), and the book is months late so I don't know when it's coming out. Hopefully soon. It's a cute story, little girl fluff.

I'm much prouder of the second piece: FIELD TRIP, to be published in THE GRAPHIC TEXTBOOK next year. Art by our own @marvinmann. You've seen him post pages in his "Furries" discussion. The story is finished; now the curriculum committee is creating the questions-after-the-chapter section for our piece, just like a traditional textbook.

I just revised an 8-page horror tale called SWEET DREAMS that will be drawn by Christine Larsen for OMEGA COMICS PRESENTS (thanks again, @pjperez). Christine and I first worked together on Shrek and then again on the first Reading With Pictures anthology. Although those were cute stories, she really excels at horror, and that's what this story is all about. It was going to be self-published, but having it run in OCP gives us some better exposure and helps PJ put together a top-selling book (we hope).

I was supposed to start writing STRANGER, a 20-page sci-fi tale of middle-school hijinks, this weekend -- but I've been distracted by a cold and other real-life stuff. Nothing serious, promise. This will be drawn by the fabulous Dirk Tiede, a former Chicagoan who now lives in Boston and is one of my favorite people in comics. Much of what I know about exhibiting in Artist Alley, I learned watching Dirk move merch. And yeah, he makes good comics, too. Check out his Paradigm Shift graphic novel. Whether we self-publish or have this published elsewhere hasn't been decided.

Finally, the big project of 2013-14 will be OLD WOUNDS, my OGN with @johnbivens. To be published by PJ Perez's Pop! Goes The Icon, it's going to be a game-maker for the three of us. Just you watch and see.



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