Noting over in the Manga Studio thread that Jason's got Fontographer, and I have Typetool 3 on my own Macbook. Is it arguable that having font design tools and being familiar with them is a good thing for a comics artist? I am inclined to say "yes" to this, although my rationale would almost certainly be taken to pieces with some ease...


  • No. Font design is a discipline all to itself. I'm a letterer, and for over a decade before that I worked in print design and production — the vast majority of my professional life has been spent working with type, I know type. I've tried to design fonts before and I'll probably try again, but it's really, really hard and the only thing you learn from having font design tools is that font design is really, really hard.

    Pay for professionally created fonts by people who know what they're doing, and just concentrate on using type well.
  • I dabbled with Fontographer at art school years ago, and I wish I'd kept at it, because it's the kind of thing I might have gotten good at. But I know my limits.

    The only practical use I ever made of it was to import a font that had a few glyphs that I saw problems with, and fix them. Oh, and I added some missing accented characters by altering existing ones. But I've since found professional fonts that are better and complete, so I just use those instead.
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