Reviews -- are they worth it?

edited July 2014 in Do The Work
I am ambivalent about getting reviews for our work.  They're a bit of an uphill battle.

1) It's nearly impossible to get reviews for digital comics.  Book reviewers online will review our hardcovers because they will link to the Amazon page and get a cut of the sales.  And that's for those reviewers who do not have a ban on gay and/or smut content.

2) The effectiveness of the review is more about the traffic of the site generates than about the quality of the review.  A three-sentence review that gets multiple details wrong gives my website consistent traffic...but a nuanced, extended review of the same book provided no click-throughs that I could gather.

I suppose my question is: What online comics reviewers had the most impact on sales when they reviewed your work?  If the impact is negligible, is it still worth pursuing for indirect reasons since they do not produce sales?
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