How many books are you pitching?

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How many unpublished comic book projects are you currently working on, whether the initial concept to the ready-for-pitch stage? Not counting books that have already found a home. Also not counting books that you pitched around and were soundly rejected.

I think I'm at two creator-owned right now: Water People and Freefall.  I usually try not to have too many more than that at one time. Work for hire, I'm at four, but the odds are long on any of them.


  • Oh, dear.  Are you seriously asking how many things I've started but haven't finished and tried to sell?  I'm afraid to start counting.  Under Holy Comics there's Fetus Christ, Captain Miracle, and Jesús (a reboot of the Gospels).  In the queer comix department, there's JAQrabbit Tales, and XYQ (superqueeroes). I have three Peter-Pan themed items in the works: Peterphile (a scandalous sequel), The Never Wonder Wood (real Peter meets real Alice meets real Christopher Robin), Darling Michael (tragic love story about the real Michael Darling).  So that's eight, plus a couple random items I've outlined and/or done some design work on.  Obviously some of these are getting more attention at the moment than others.
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    @SteveHorton - "How many unpublished comic book projects are you currently working on, whether the initial concept to the ready-for-pitch stage?"

    For me... three projects.

    1. Five Weapons (publishing)
    2. Lines (concept)
    3. The Return of Bomb Queen (to be published)

    That's on the front burner.
    On the back burner....

    a. Romantic-Comedy (concept / outlined)
    b. The Art of Jimmie (archival collection for self-publishing)

    All that said... I still keep my doors open for possible work-for-hire to fill in the gaps.  This could be at Marvel or DC, commissions for mainstream projects.
  • Actually in production:

    1. New Guardians

    2. Redshift

    3. Spread

    Being arted:

    4. Hazard

    5. Strayer

    6. The Terror

    7. Blackheart Valentine (on hold)

    Existing only as a pitch:

    8. Deep State
    9. Flood
    10. The High

    Being worked on with the idea of eventually going somewhere, but as yet just stuff I work on in my 'free' time:

    11. Herculean
    12. Victoriana
  • Damn you writers!
    You get to play in so many sandboxes!  Hahahah!
  • Going to be using Kickstarter as my platform, so I'm not pitching as much as producing limited edition OGNs with an eye toward a publisher picking up for broader distribution later.  

    Which is sort-of pitching, isn't it. . .

    OGRE 48+pp
    DEEP_ONE 48+pp
    THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH (adaptation) 120+pp

    Doing this while developing the webstrip, which will also be a post-completion pitch of a sort.  Small sandbox here, too.
  • THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH (adaptation) 120+pp
    Holy God. I will personally hunt and down and kill any editor that rejects this project.

    I'm already sold.

  • Making the Rounds:

    Red Angel Dragnet
    The Twilight Kingdom (formerly Atlantis Wasn't Built for Tourists)
    No Angel (co-written)
    Jenny Barefoot

    Being re/written:

    Corduroy Road
    Dragonflies (co-written)

    The big Question Mark:

    GunsMyth (the monthly comics newspaper that this was to appear in has been put on hold)
  • Knuckle Children and Big Hands are being written/drawn, I need to look over an older comic script and a screenplay for revival, and I've got a deadline on an audio drama pitch uhhhhhh this week? shit shit shit

  • 2:

    Godstown and the Good Knight. see my worklog for deTAILS
  • I got close to no time what with my new series taking all of my time for another 2 years but I need something lighthearted and easy to keep me sane.

    Something for kids. Something that can be published in the USA with someone with enough clout to warrant a patron or Kickstarter. 

  • Currently at pitch:
    1. Zip
    2. nothing
    3. de nada
    4. jack all.

    In Production: 
    1. The Sixsmiths vol.02
    2. The Left Hand Path

    Production Deferred
    1. McBlack volume 2 (2 issues remain)
    2. Possible third one shot/annual.

    Ramping up:
    1. Mumeishi
    2. Last Recon
    3. The Prince

    1. Bucket of Glass 

    Broken-Hearted Weeping:
    1. Wah wah wah.

    Will Return:
    1. Kensuke

    May Return:
    1. Cerberus (same artist as Kensuke, so it has to wait)
    I also have a couple of shorts that should see publication in various places this year.

    In prose I have two short stories and a novella slated for publication (ie sold) and I'm trying to sell my second novel and complete my third while all of this goes on. In other news, I'm an idiot.
  • I've heard nothing from BOOM/Archaia on Venus in Furs. Its still possible that they will send me an offer, but at this point I have to call it a "no thanks." Assuming they will eventually send me a thumbs up or thumbs down, I have to think they haven't rejected it out of hand, but it hasn't blown them away, and they are waiting to see what else comes in before deciding. But y'know, until they say yes, its a no.

    Calypso Part 2 in the works, albeit slowly. Resurrected and old project with Josh Hechinger.

    I need to get back to prose and watercolor work.
  • Pitching?
    Poker, I Hardly Knew Her.

    But a bunch of stuff is in progress with publishers or to be self published.
  • By myself:

    Legend of the Sunset People - the albatross that will not die, but will someday hopefully be finished, lol!  I've pitched it to two publishers so far, one rejection and no response from the other.

    FISK: S.U.B.S.T.I.T.U.T.E Hero (22pp, just finishing the colouring, and it's making the rounds...)
    Prometheus Code (10pp will be coming out in an anthology this year)
    Mightier than the Sword (10pp still drawing and inking this one)
    Idea Man (7pp, needs an inker - will be looking for a smaller indie publisher for this one I think...)
    Steeltown (7pp, in process of being drawn)
    Pawns (script stage)
    Exit Interview (script stage)

    Concept stage:

    Cardinal Vice - the monster hunters working for the church framed for a crime they didn't commit story.  We'll see if that one gets any traction...

  • Pitches:
    3 at DH for an anthology 
    1 in development AMP
    2 sent over to PJ for a future OCP anthology
    4 I'm working on self-publishing
  • Currently pitching...nothing, except to artists. 

    One short story done for my part, in the can, soon to be published in an anthology (11 pages) 

    4 separate projects with complete and detailed proposal docs, short pitches, and first issues written. 

    "Icons, Inc", a superhero deconstruction. 

    "The Modern School", a psychedelic coming of age story. 

    "One", an end of the world story with a character driven sensibility (more Melancholia than Armageddon). 

    "Cold Truths", an urban fantasy set in modern day NYC, Troubles-era Belfast, and modern day Iraq. 

    16 Page short "Lil Lex Luthor" story with a friend, just for fun. 

    "Space", an 8 page story that takes a rather negative outlook on one man's journey into the space program. Right Stuff meets...I don't know, sadness.

    I further have at least 3 different 'pitch documents' with the characters, narrative thrust, and bits of dialogue brewing in the background. 

    Finding collaborators is the eternal struggle, but it's been good to get the stuff out of my head, at least. 
  • Deniz:

    Please go into the Introduce Yourselves thread and tell us about yourself. And if you're using a pen name in comics, please put your real name there so we know who we're talking to.

    And carry on!
  • Done and done Russell! No pen name, Deniz is a fairly common Turkish name, is all. :)
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