I'm baa-ack!

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Yeah dudes! 
I'm back in the fold, as they say.
In short: 2012 was a fucker of a year for me, financial-relationship-work-wise and I honestly was looking to search for new horizons. But out of all the bad things a few good things did arise at the last moment (I should rename myself Mr. Karma Clutch) of 2012. 

A couple of friends here were/are very patient with my issues when we were gonna collaborate on things for which I hope I'll be able to thank them by filling them up with alcoholic (or other) beverages of their choice in the soonest possible future.

I even posted a status on my Facebook saying that if comics doesn't want me, I'll gladly go back to illustration full time. And whaddayaknow: less than a week after that I got an email from a publishing manager friend saying basically: "wanna do a comic together? I'll publish it in one of my weekly magazines with a readership of 100.000 and I'll pay you a handsomely page rate. In fact, here let me pay you €1000 just to do character designs while I'm writing this sucker and I'll even try and convince my bosses to start up our own comic publisher to produce the books. Oh, and I want you to think up a games related comic too, while we're at it."

So, after convincing myself that this conversation -as well as the 3 hour swanky work lunch- really happened (I kept the sms and emails to prove it), I got another email from another friend who produces magazines for kids asking if I can do a comicstrip and 21 spot illustrations asap for a handsomely pay. Making this the first actual result of signing up to LinkedIn.

In even shorter: I started 2013 with 4 new gigs so far, I see I've taken another step in my art and I'm going to Angoulême again. So forgive my gloating a bit, but I feel I deserve a little.

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