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Consider this your annual check-in.  Two questions, as we enter the final fortnight of 2012:

What did you get done in 2012?
I don't mean necessarily published, or even finished (but that counts too)... just how far did you get on your projects?  What did you accomplish in the past 12 months?

What will you get done in 2013?
This can include new projects and things you've already started, that will (gods permitting) reach a state of completion.  What will you brag about 12 months from now?


  • 2012:
    Bomb Queen Vol. 7 (issues and trade)
    Bomb Queen Deluxe vol. 1 (hardcover)
    Five Weapons #1, #2 (issues)
    Some Runyon art (I'm SO behind on this it's not even funny)

    Uhm... I know I'm forgetting something here... I'll just come back and edit it later.  Hah!

    Five Weapons (finish the series and hope for a trade)
    Bomb Queen Deluxe vol. 2, vol. 3, vol. 4 (hardcovers)
    Another mini series (Taco Truck or something else)
    A possible Bomb Queen one-shot / special
    Conventions, signings, et.

    1 - New York Comic Con.

    2 - Write a book while someone else draws it so I can have more than one series out at a time.
    Currently, I'm *drawing* more than one book at a time and it is KILLING ME.
    It really takes the fire right out of a person.
    It feels like the world is just cruising right by while I struggle to keep up.

  • 2012:
    @$$hole! vol 1 (graphic novel)
    Albert the Alien - Hall Monitor (floppy)
    Albert the Alien - Movies (floppy)
    Updated @$$hole! webcomic

    Reading with Pictures vol 2 (graphic novel)
    Albert the Alien (webcomic)
    Albert the Alien vol 1 (graphic novel)
    Aw Yeah Comics (floppy)

    Being a Top Cow Talent Hunt winner would be nice
  • 2012
    Webcomics webcomics webcomics. Webcomics? Webcomics.
    Half-a-dozen-and-a-half drafts on a movie thing.

    Land R+M with a publisher.
    More webcomics, likely that I end up drawing.
    See how the movie thing plays out.
    Put out PDFs of some of the webcomics.

    Wish List
    Some WFH?
  • 2012
    • I am this close to finishing the layouts, pencils, and inks for "Everybody's Doin' It", my collaboration with Dale Lazarov. (Which sidetracked some of my original plans for 2012.)
    • Wrote at least a dozen scripts for JAQrabbit Tales, iIllustrated and/or colored a few of them, and hooked up with Rick Worley to illustrate one, which I also colored and lettered.
    • Lettered a short for Dino Caruso.
    • Color "Everybody" (also tweak for b&w tones, to submit to an anthology for 2014 publication).
    • Illustrate more Tales, light a fire under Zlatan to finish the ones he's started, plus recruit more artists to do some.  Color, letter, rinse, repeat.  Then run a Kickstarter campaign using the completed pieces as bait to fund more of them.  Start publishing them online.
    • Hook up with someone to illustrate at least one of my other non-porn scripts.
  • Awesome Thread idea.


    Most of my work revolved around DISPLACED PERSONS
    approx 150 pages penciled, 98 inked ( i say approx because i actually started the project in october 2011)

    Also did 16 pages of full color art for THE SECRET HISTORY OF SILVERWOOD webcomic


    -Finish DISPLACED PERSONS I'm hoping for April or May
    -Promote the hell out of DP
    -start something new have no idea what.
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    Launched a successful Kickstarter for ORPHANS. (The current status of which is: one issue done, another inked and in the coloring stages, a third is being penciled).
    Finished the script for RED ANGEL DRAGNET (Collaboration with Anna Wieszczyk). 19 pages done, of 88.
    Finished the script for JENNY BAREFOOT (Collaboration with Michael Wernke). 5 pages illustrated, of 132.
    Finshed the script for NO ANGEL (Co-written with my sister.) No artist attached.


    Finish ORPHANS.
    Launch a second Kickstarter for (and subsequently publish) RED ANGEL DRAGNET.
    Land an artist for NO ANGEL.
    Find publishers/distribution channels for all my currently active projects.
    My first con as a table-holder will be the new Cincinnati show.

    Wish List:

    Being able to transition comics from hobby to income-generator (even if it's not my primary source) would be a good start.

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    @anthonyperuzzo - if you need work... my portion of Runyon is still waiting.  Haha!  Just kidding.  I've got more pencils done and I'm trying my best to wiggle it in between my deadlines.
  • 2012:
    Weekly Lady Spectra webcomic (recycled art, new letters and colors)
    Weekly Glorianna webcomic (all new)
    Fantasy Theater #22 minicomic (mix of new & recycled)
    A handful of pin-ups and guest-strips for various folks.

    Keep the two weekly webcomics going.
    Fantasy Theater #23
    Get some of my old stuff collected into POD and/or digital books.
    Really, I should probably put Glorianna on hiatus and do something different for a while, just for my own sanity, but I'm not sure what that would be...

  • 2012

    Writing Shadowman
    Writing Deathstroke
    Writing Team 7
    Writing Unnamed Mini Series for Unnamed Company
    Wrote Legend of Luther Strode
    Wrote Hack/Slash


    Write Shadowman
    Write Deathstroke (for a while)
    Write Team 7(for a while)
    Write Legacy of Luther Strode
    Write Unnamed Mini of Existing Property for Unknown (but different) Company
    Write Unnamed Ongoing for Same Company

    Get Victoriana greenlit. And written.
    Get Spread greenlit. And written

    Kickstarter Killjoy the Weapon
    Develop my mailing list as per The Goal.
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    Witch Doctor: Mal Practice #1-2 (also wrote #3-6)
    Hellraiser Annual
    Hellraiser: The Road Below #1-3 (also wrote 4)
    Doctor Who #3 (also wrote 4)
    Spirit of the Law #1-2
    Hellraiser: The Dark Watch #1 (written, not released yet)
    Some Supernatural Geographic scripts
    Random scripts for DreamSequencer, Death's Godchild and Witch Doctor
    Quit my day job

    Witch Doctor: Mal Practice #3-6
    Hellraiser: The Road Below #4
    Doctor Who #4
    Hellraiser: The Dark Watch #1-11
    Scripts for unannounced project
    Hopefully an unannounced 5- or 6-issue creator-owned project
    A second creator-owned project for hopeful early 2014 release
    Another MonkeyBrain series (or continuation of Spirit of the Law)

    Have at least one comic coming out every month in 2013, and preferably at least two coming out most months
    Get more creator-owned projects launched
    Do enough WFH that I can support myself — but not so much that it's dominating my schedule
  • Now that you mention it, my goal is to have something creator owned out every month next year. And assuming it keeps coming my way, after this next year I want to roll back the amount of WFH I'm doing.
  • Something *every* month (for a year or two) is a dream of mine.
    Maybe if I had an ongoing series.... with a 5 or 6 issue head start...
    Then the art work might be... and the writing might be... and... and... 

    Fuck, I just can't do it all.
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    Great thread idea!

    *Self-published ONE LAST THING with @Marvinmann.
    *Daily Grind was published in CRIMINAL ELEMENT. (Thanks, @jasonfranks !)
    *Wrote two STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE stories. One's been published, one is months late for some reason I don't understand, because it's in the can.
    *Wrote SWEET DREAMS, a horror story that will be drawn by Christine Larsen and published in 2013 in OCP
    *Wrote a proposal for STRANGER, a short story to be drawn by Dirk Tiede

    Publication of STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE #3
    Two stories in the Strawberry Shortcake FCBD book
    Publication (I hope) of the next SS digests/trades
    Publication of SWEET DREAMS
    Publication of STRANGER, either by ourselves or with a publisher I've pitched to.
    In an ideal world, publication of OLD WOUNDS, although that may wind up being early 2014. Depends how fast @Johnbivens draws and how much of a slave-driver editor @pjperez is.
    I'll have a story with Marv in THE GRAPHIC TEXTBOOK
    Seven conventions, including a few new ones
    No WFH planned, nor am I pitching any.

    Busy year.
  • 2012
    Weekly webcomic LOVE IS IN THE BLOOD
    Weekly webcomic PERFECT AGENT
    Published PERFECT AGENT #5
    Published PERFECT AGENT: MISSION FILES #1 GN (hopefully late next week, may roll into 2013)
    Began work on webcomic: SOLAR HARVEST (working title)

    Continue weekly webcomic LOVE IS IN THE BLOOD
    Continue weekly webcomic PERFECT AGENT
    Publish PERFECT AGENT #6
    Publish PERFECT AGENT #7
    Begin online serialization of webcomic SOLAR HARVEST

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    Now that you mention it, my goal is to have something creator owned out every month next year. And assuming it keeps coming my way, after this next year I want to roll back the amount of WFH I'm doing.
    This is a tangent, but I'm trying to figure out my balance for WFH right now too. I've got two continuing WFH projects, which are emphatically enough to pay my bills right now. So the question is: Use the time those two projects are buying me to develop and release new creator-owned projects (which is where my heart is)? Or continue to pursue WFH to help increase my profile?
  • Yeah, but nobody ever asks us to "write me like one of your French girls".
  • 2012
    Masks and Mobsters #4
    “Hell’s Gate” – short story in Digital Webbing Presents 2.0 #6
    “Last Leaf” – short story in Once Upon a Time Machine…
    4 Murder Book backups in NEAR DEATH #8-11
    “Legacy” – Brian Buccellato's Foster Anthology
    Vic Boone FCBD
    Murder Book #3
    The Perhapanauts, Vol. 2: Treasure Obscura TP – reprints of 3 of my Perhapanauts stories (2 short stories and my "Molly's Story" one-shot)

    Kill All Monsters trades (vol1 and vol 2)
    FUBAR: American History Z - short
    FUBAR FCBD - short (written by Chuck Dixon!)
    pitching to try and get a series picked up. Might be looking for writers to work with in mid 2013 to get some pitches going...
  • @anthonyperuzzo Yeah. Getting something going with a decent publisher is what my goal should be for 2013. I've done all the short stories that I want to do (for now, anyway). Time to get something bigger going. We'll see, I guess. :)
  • What did you get done in 2012?
    Two issues of "Colonial Souls" finished.
    One issue of "I'll Make You Remember" finished.
    One issue of (another creator's work, hush til it's out) finished.
    6-page previews of "Renegades" and "Decagon of Doom" produced and pitched.
    Found out that I can letter a comic professionally if needed.
    Wrote somewhere north of 150  "finalized" comic pages.  Fair amount of prose as well. 
    Sold my first ashcans to consumers. 
    Offered my first publishing deal.
    Offered my first work-for-hire gig (it's a minor publisher, but it's cool).
    Worked a day for a comic book retailer, just because.
    Attended three comic books conventions as a professional.
    Worked marketing on three professionally printed comic book launches.
    Launched Roll20, which will pass 90k users by year's end and is generating real income.
    Started up a secret project in a really awesome medium with some really amazing people.
    And it isn't me, but my wife graduated law school and passed the bar and I feel I contributed. :)

    What will you get done in 2013?
    Actually publish some of those finished works listed above.  Hoping for at least eight issues.
    Do something else amazing via crowd-funding.
    Stay as truly independent in creative efforts as possible.
    Quit my day job and never, ever go back.
  • @RussellLissau Thanks! I'm still trying to get the hang of this place. ;)
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    Published in 2012:
    Criminal Element anthology (delayed from 2011 :P) 
    Terra Magazine #1 (cancelled just as quickly)
    McBlack Two Shot (self published) 
    Bloody Waters (novel)

    To be published in 2013:
    Lady McBlack #1 (1st issue of a miniseries)
    Ungenred (collection of past short works)
    Sixsmiths vol.02 

    Current pitches:
    The Left Hand Path (minseries)
    Bucket of Glass (OGN)
    Kensuke (miniseries)
    Faerie Apocalypse (novel)

    Work in progress:
    XDA Zai (novel)
    Last Recon (miniseries)

    Trunk projects I still want to do:
    Deuce (Miniseries. Needs a new artist)
    Hell Bent (OGN. Needs an artist.)
    Cerberus (Previously greenlit miniseries. Artist is busy with Kensuke)
    Quick (One shot. Need to finish the script.)

  • Man you guys are busy. 

    Just trying to wrap up Super Human Resources Vol 2 in 2013...

  • @RussellLissau My pleasure. As for Kensuke... we have a complete first issue. Now all we need is a publisher.

    I didn't list the stories that were slated for anthologies that books that didn't make it--there were at least two of those. And, now that I look at it, I had at least one other published short that I forgot to list. Felt like a slow year but it wasn't, really...
  • @RussellLissau Thanks.  We're feeling like it was pretty swell year...
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