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I figured it'd be handy to pull discussion about Manga Studio into one place.
@JasonAQuest - I absolutely love lettering in Manga Studio. The text treatments are fairly limited but it makes up for it in ease of balloon-making. Drag-and-drop tails plus super easy connection of balloons to each other. Love. It.
I'm finding it tantalizing.  Tantalus (as students of Greek myth will recall) was cursed to have delicious fruit hanging above him, which was withdrawn every time he reached for it. 

I love that MS has pre-built balloon shapes that fall between a mathematical ellipse and a rounded rectangle (something Illustrator cannot comprehend).  But is there a way to automatically select "Ellipse C", other than keeping the big Materials window open and pulling it from there, or going thru a bunch of clicky-clicky each time I add some text?

I was overjoyed when I saw the "match text" option, but disappointed when I saw that... it usually doesn't.  At least not by western conventions, instead leaving huge amounts of white space, especially at the top and bottom. 

The balloon tails are wonderful... except that they don't seem to work if I try to make them using a stylus instead of a mouse... except occasionally it works and I have no idea why.

And undo doesn't work consistently while walking thru any of this.

The balloon-joining is nice, but only after I googled an explanation of how to do it: not very intuitive.


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