About the Forum, the Rules, and How To Use It

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SequentialWorkshop.com is a forum about creating comics.  It's geared toward both the seasoned professional and the sincere hobbyist, as a place for creators to talk with other creators, with a minimum of noise.  It isn't really for creator/reader interaction, or fan/fan discussion (there are plenty of other sites for that).

The rules for Sequential Workshop are few and simple:

NAMES -  No anonymous handles. If you want to participate here, put your name to your words.  You can sign in with an existing social-networking ID, but be sure to put your real/professional name in the first-name and last-name slots of your profile, or use the "Sign Up!" button to create an ID with your full name.

CONDUCT -  This is an open forum for discussion.  After all, we can't improve ourselves or our medium if we can't all be frank and honest.  But that does not give you a license to be a jerk (this isn't one of those places).  If you aren't a grown-up... act like one.  Treat others here with the respect you think you deserve.

Those are the only rules.  Cooperation will be appreciated.  Problems will be addressed by the moderators (JasonAQuest, RussellLissau, SteveHorton, SteveWallace (admin)).

There are several discussion categories:
  • Do The Work - Basic work-related things, including daily check-ins to affirm that we're Doing The Work. There is a thread in this category for "help wanted" type notices.
  • The Toolbox - Tutorials, discussions about methods and tools, requests for feedback, etc.
  • Work Logs - Running updates about your projects in development.  Big projects can have their own thread, otherwise keep your daily hems and haws in a single My Name log.
  • On The Road - Conventions, in-store signings, speaking engagements, and the like.
  • Site Related - Meta stuff like this.
  • Procrastination Devices - Non-work related threads. It's open and we won't moderate except for flaming/trolling.
  • Private - Restricted to pros and other regulars who can be trusted not to leak stuff - request access from admin Steve Wallace.

Other useful tips:

@'ing - Works a lot like twitter @'ing. If you @username in a post somewhere, that user will get notified of it. This is a great way to pull certain people into a conversation. 

Private Messaging - The private messaging system is pretty powerful. You can include multiple people in a single conversation, it basically creates your own little forum.
Mobile - There is a great mobile version of the site, check it out on your phone. It's very usable. 
Social Media - If you login using your Facebook profile, your avatar here will update with your FB avatar.
Tagging -  Works like tagging on other sites, basically use single words that relate to the post. If you're doing something on inking, use "inking" as one of the tags and maybe "drawing". This way we can group threads together for easy reference later. So if you want to find all the threads about writing really quickly, click the "writing" tag and it will pull up everything with that tag.


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