We got hacked ... but not well.

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So, many of you probably got malware errors when visiting the site this afternoon. We got hacked by some russian botnet server, it inserted code into all the .php files on this site and all my other sites. 

I've cleaned and updated all files and software so everything should be working fine now. Please let me know if you run into any issues. As part of this cleanup I also updated the site to the newest version of Vanilla, I don't believe there are any additional features in this version but there are a number of bug fixes. Let me know if there are any issues around the upgrade.

I just updated google a few minutes ago requesting a new scan so that they can remove the malicious software warning - that usually takes about a day so you may continue to receive the warning until tomorrow afternoon. If the warning mentions only sequentialworkshop.com and not an address with a .rr extension then it is safe to proceed past the warning and browse the site. (of course, you may not see this until the warning goes away anyway because you're all very conscientious web browsers :P )


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