Forum updates 1/14/2012

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I've updated the forum software today to fix quite a few issues we've been having for a while now. 
  1. Mobile editing now works properly. The wysiwyg editor will only display on the full site version mobile will get the standard edit box.
  2. Embedding works properly now with the wysiwyg editor. To embed youtube or vimeo videos simply paste in the url that shows up in the address bar for the video you want to embed and paste it into the editor, the site will take care of the rest after you save the post. Twitter posts can also be embedded in the same manner.
  3. Users can now edit their own usernames, however once they have edited the username it will give them a 404 error because it tries to redirect them to their old usernames profile which doesn't exist anymore - this is normal and they can just reload the main page and their change will be available. I'll fix this at a later date but for now if you direct someone to  change their name just let them know to expect the 404 page. 
  4. Emoticons are back.
  5. Spoilers work fine without going into code mode on wysiwyg just put whatever you want in between '['spoiler']'['/spoiler']' (remove the ') tag sets 
  6. Uhh... there are a bunch of other bug fixes in this edition so you should see all kinds of stuff working properly and probably a few new things that aren't working! :D Let me know if you find anything that's broken.
Also, since I updated the cache on the site has been reset so you'll find some pages load slower than normal for the first day or two. Things should speed up as we go along. 

Also also, if you have issues try clearing your browser cache/temporary internet files and reloading the site. This should solve some issues, especially initial slowness.


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