A Few Housekeeping Notes

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A few tips about Vanilla compared to Beehive -
Categories - There are fewer. 
  •     Do The Work is our basic work related things, a lot like the 'Breaking and Entering' category turned into.
  •     Toolbox is for all our tutorials, Ask an X threads etc.
  •    WorkLogs is, well for Work Logs. Big projects can have their own thread, no biggie. Otherwise keep your daily hems and haws in your main 'My      Name' - Worklog. 
  •    Procrastination Devices is for any non-work related threads. It's open and we won't moderate except for flaming/trolling.
If we find we need more categories we can add them.
Announcements - they're just stickies, Vanilla (the forum software) just has a weird name for them.
Moderation - We'll actually have them! They can ban-hammer but only in the worst of circumstances, otherwise we'll just be keeping house.
@'ing - A great feature, works a lot like twitter @'ing. If you @username in a post somewhere a message will show up in that user's activity log (access that by clicking your name in the upper right hand corner). This is a great way to pull certain people into a conversation. 
Private Messaging - The private messaging system is pretty powerful. You can include multiple people in a single conversation, it basically creates your own little forum instance. 
Mobile - There is a great mobile version of the site, check it out on your phone. It's very, very usable. 
Facebook - We have an app (or will soon after launch) that will display the forum on the facbook app page. I'll provide that info in a separate thread. If you login using your facebook profile you're avatar will update with your facebook avatar. You can like threads on the forum and it will display the like on your facebook profile. 
Tagging -  Works like tagging on other sites, basically use single words that relate to the post. If you're doing something on inking, use inking as one of the tags and maybe drawing. This way we can group threads together for easy reference later. So if I want to find all the threads about writing real quick I can click into the 'writing' tag and it will pull everything tagged with 'writing'. Good fun.
I'll probably be slowly modifying things over the next few weeks, especially once summer rolls round. If you see any issues let me know. 


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