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We should be ok now, let me know if you get any errors. 

We lost about 3-4 hours of posts from this afternoon, I can conceivably get them back but it's a bit of an effort and.. well.. I don't know that I can get to it in a reasonable time. So... repost that stuff again I guess? Sorry about that.


  • Right, well after 2 weeks of going back and forth with our host I finally got them to admit to what was going on. They changed the server software middle of last month and it significantly throttles memory usage. To a point where it's made the site nigh on unusable at points.

    But, the threat of cancelling (which I was well intending to do) has made them offer up a move to a better server that doesn't have the sort of limits that our current one does. This should return things to the way they were; if not well I'll move everything to a new host and be done with it.

    All these things should be happening over the next day or so. We shouldn't see any downtime but we might have intermittent issues. Just an fyi.
  • Also, the site seems to be blazing fast at the moment.
  • Yes, it suddenly seems to really not suck.  Which truly does not blow.
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